We here at Verity Youth make it our mission to build a community of multi-cultural, Christ-centered 7th-12th graders. We aim to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to not only grow in their faith, but defend and remain firm in it when they go out into the world. We accomplish this by making sure all our teaching and activities with the tweens and teens revolve around specific core values. 

Grace and Truth

Biblical teaching of Truth and an outpouring of Christ’s love

Discipleship and Mentoring

Modeling spiritual growth and developing relationships

Loving Community

Fellowship in the Body of Christ

Reaching out

Mission to non-believers and those less fortunate


Growing future ministry leaders.

While we believe that a large group is a good environment to interact in and develop socially, we see the greatest amount of growth in our youth when they take part in small groups. Our delightful crew of volunteers lead small groups to impart their wisdom and teach the kids about the Bible and plant these core values into their hearts. This is why small groups are at the heart of our ministry. Using the provided curriculum and passing on important communication, leaders use small groups as a hub of ministry for a specific gender/age and as a primary engine for evangelism, discipleship, and community.

Do you desire to see the next generation passionately pursue Christ and His kingdom?You are exactly who Verity Youth is looking for! We are looking for partners who will invest in and develop our young people in order that they may know the love of Christ, and seek to live their lives in obedience to Him. To learn more about serving, please contact Lee Khen Send below.