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JICF is a church that pastors and shepherds through community groups. We believe that community groups are one of the most important and effective aspects of church life. Jesus said He is amongst believers who gather together. Sit under His teaching though the word. Fellowship, serve and pray with one another, then witness real life change. Our desire is to be a church where the majority of our body is blessed by this ministry. The primary purpose of community groups is to provide significant relationships through which group members:


Provide mutual care, support, love, and encouragement

Experience Bible study, prayer and discipleship

Develop patterns of spiritual accountability

Further their personal spiritual growth

Engage in outreach and service

Establish clearly where their giftings lie, and as a group, support and encourage each other to use those gifts to build a unique ministry

Experience a constantly exciting and challenging place where the “plans I have for you” (Jer. 29:11) are fully realized

We invite those who attend JICF to be fully involved in a community group.

The Six Core Values of Community Groups

* Resources below are courtesy of Watermark Community Church

1. Devote Daily

Devote ourselves daily to a personal relationship with Jesus (John 15:5)


2. Pursue Relationally

Pursue deep relationships with one another, based on love and acceptance (Romans 12:10)


3. Counsel Biblically

Offer and receive biblical counsel in all areas of life
(2 Timothy 3:16-17)


4. Live Authentically

Live authentically, sharing our struggles (James 5:16)


5. Admonish Faithfully

Encourage and admonish one another faitfhfully towards maturity (Colossians 3:16)


6. Engage Missionally

Engage intentionally with our communities and the world to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20)


Here at JICF, community is something we emphasize. We believe that an authentic community produces true spiritual growth and life-transformation. If you are new to JICF, or even if you’ve been with us for a while, and need community and/or would like to explore how to get more connected, please contact MIke Broomell below

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