October 27, 2022

Gospel Application Seminar

Do you struggle to know how the Gospel applies to your everyday struggles? Do you see how the Good News of Jesus is relevant to your fears, anxieties, addictions, doubts, and dreams? Do you understand the Gospel as that which brings salvation (Titus 2:11) but fail to see how it trains us (Titus 2:12) to live the Christian life?

On October 27,Pastor Tim Cain will joined us for an evening lecture and Q and A, helping us discover how the Good News of Jesus not only saves us but guides, informs, and empowers our day to day lives as Christians. Tim is the pastor of Kaleo Church which he planted in El Cajon, California, in 2009 after completing a one year church planting residency at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Kaleo is part of the Treasuring Christ Together church planting network. Tim and his wife, Abbey, have three wonderful adopted children. Tim has a passion for preaching the Gospel, church planting, adoption, and feasting with the poor. His first book, The God of Great Reversals: Finding the Gospel in the Book of Esther, was released in 2016.

October 9, 2022

Crisis in The Church - Helping You and Your Kids Get Through The Progressive Storm by Peter Kupisz

More and more young people are abandoning the Christian faith they were raised in. And even long-term believers are being challenged by the ideas presented in progressive thought, the LGBTQ movement, and other societal trends. Learn about the resources you can avail yourself of to prepare you, and your family, to deal with the many challenges out there.

On October 9, JICF held a seminar where Peter shares insights and resources parents can use with their children on how to navigate through the progressive noise that is infiltrating churches today.

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