Jacob's story - Genesis 28-33

Part 4

The past presses on Jacob’s conscience. There remains unfinished business in his life. When we meet with God in sincere surrender we must meet with people, those we have hurt or who have hurt us; those who we’ve wronged, or who have wronged us!

Part 3

True surrender is not simply surrender of our external life but surrender of our will.
Therefore,‘in your personal life and your ministry to others, be unafraid to be publicly weak as
the doorway to the strength of God Himself.’

Part 2

Like Jacob, people are in slavery to the sinfulness of their own deceit and corruption.
To be changed by God we must honestly admit our true condition…a ‘slave to sin’.

Part 1

Sent away with Isaac’s blessing (28:5), he was on the run from the mess he had made.
To change we must realize our mess is our message!