Mirari Judio

Nursery Coordinator First Service

Meet Mirari

I was raised in a Christian home with Christian values. I rarely missed Sunday school, but did not comprehend that the very thing I missed in my everyday life was Jesus. I knew about Jesus and His teaching, but I did not know Him personally until my early college years when someone mentored me towards Christ. It was then that I understood being born into a Christian family does not automatically make me a Christian. I realized that I need God’s love, God’s community, and the Holy Spirit in my walk to follow Christ. I first attended JICF in 2000 and am the newest member in the Rock Children’s ministry team. I’m wife to Dennis, and mother to cute toddler Elliot. Our family enjoys nature and we love spending quality time outdoors. If I have extra time, I like scrapbooking, cooking and reading.

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