Mimi Suhartanto

The Rock Children's Ministry Director

Meet Mimi

I was saved when I was sixteen through a gospel tract given by a school friend. At seventeen, I felt the calling into full-time ministry. I told my dad that I wanted to go to seminary after I graduated from high school, however, he did not allow me to do it then. Eventually I went to Seattle University to pursue a degree in philosophy, because that was the closest subject to theology.

I met my husband, Hendra Suhartanto, three months before I graduated. A year after I moved back to Jakarta, we got married. God gave us a precious daughter, Gabrielle, whom I homeschooled all the way until high school. During the busyness of being a wife and homeschooling mother, I had forgotten God’s calling for full-time ministry. But God never forgot! In 2014, three months before my daughter graduated from high school, a professor from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary visited JICF and recruited me to pursue a Master of Arts in Christian Education. Subsequently, by God’s grace alone I was able to complete a Doctor of Education in Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2020. 

As the Director of JICF Children’s Ministry since 2003, it is my prayer that all the children who come to The Rock will understand the Gospel accurately. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, they will experience regeneration, and will become fully devoted disciples of Christ as they are growing up.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, walking in nature, and spending time with people.

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