Our Beginnings

JICF was begun in August 27, 1995 by volunteers who were members of, and with the support of, Kebayoran Baptist Church in Jakarta, now known as the Jakarta International Baptist Church (JIBC). JICF intended to fill a void for a non-denominational fellowship which was biblically-based while being culturally relevant. JICF desired to be a place where both believers and non-believers would feel comfortable. Since its inception, JICF has recognized the importance of community groups and continuously encourages people to get involved in a community group. JICF was originally founded by and overseen by elders who were businessmen and professionals who volunteered to serve in this capacity. Speakers on Sunday morning included those visiting or invited from out of town as well as others who resided in Jakarta, including some who attended JICF. Due largely to the desire of the elders to provide consistent teaching through books in the Bible and a better organized ministry, JICF made the decision to hire its first full-time elder beginning in 2002. It was at this time that JICF was blessed by being officially recognized as a church in Jakarta under the name of Gereja Jakarta International Christian Fellowship. Additionally, a foundation known as Yayasan International Christian Fellowship was established. This foundation provides residence and work permits to expatriates serving in various international churches throughout Indonesia including our own. When it began, JICF met each Sunday at the American Embassy Recreation Association. In order to demonstrate our commitment to diversity, JICF moved its meetings to the Kemang Hotel in August 1996 where it eventually grew to occupy the large hotel ballroom. In mid-1998, JICF relocated its Sunday services once again to Graha Niaga where we meet today on Sunday mornings and lease space for our church office and Sunday school classes.

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