What could be more important than a welcoming smile and a hearty hello to make people coming to JICF for the first time really feel welcome? It’s not only newcomers who need to feel welcome, though.We all need to know that someone is happy we are here! JICF hosts serve to honor God by using their spiritual gifts of hospitality and encouragement to make everyone who walks through our doors know that they are a special child of God…and that we are happy they have joined us! The JICF hosts’ task is to greet newcomers and regular attendees and make sure they have bulletins, nametags (important so that we can all greet one another!) and a place to sit. Hosts are posted outside the sanctuary to welcome people and help newcomers know where to go. They are also are inside the sanctuary helping with seating, taking the offering and serving communion the fourth Sunday of every month. Come join a great team!

If hospitality is your language, Frontlines is the place for you! We are looking for hosts and hostesses to serve with us. Each time someone comes through our doors, we want them to experience the love of Christ, and know there is a place for them here at JICF. We would need your help! For more information on opportunities to serve, please contact Mike & Sinta below.

Sinta: 0818913999
Michael: 0818910999