Sandjaja Prawiro - JICF Elder Candidate



1. Personal and family detail:

  • Married with Herly Prawiro in a church on 13 May 1998 (catatan sipil, chicago court, 29 October 1994).
  • Children: Ethan and Jaden

2. Spiritual Journey: 

  • Started attending JICF when we moved back to Jakarta in 2005 because this is the church that my wife is associated with (she has been attending “JICF” since 1992 when they were meeting at Kemang).
  • I have always been exposed to Christianity since primary school. I was involved in the Boys’ Brigade for a long time from middle school to high school. Finally gave my life to Christ when I was a freshman in the US.
  • My journey to becoming a believer is a testimony that I share during teens’ baptism.

3. Involvement in the Church:

  • Bethel Presbyterian Church (Singapore): middle school / high school — Boys’ Brigade – leader in character development.
  • East Lansing Community Church (Michigan): choir
  • Valley Community Baptist Church (Connecticut): young married couple community
  • JICF
      • Teaching assistant
      • Worship leader along with my wife and later Miss Tetes.
      • Teacher
      • Leader volunteer
      • Director
    • Community Group
      • Community Shepherd

4. Qualifications and Skills: 

  • Skills: Management / administration and people skills.

5. Passions and Interests: 

  • An avid golfer and reader.
  • Love to hike (outdoor adventure).

6. Commitment to Service: 

  • Mentoring young men.
  • Making sure that the Verity leader volunteers are taken care of (spiritually, physically and mentally).

"We are honored to be considered for this position while at the same time feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the upcoming responsibilities. Please pray for us on this matter."

— Sandjaja Prawiro

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