New Elders Bios

Rod Passmore

Rod is currently the coordinator of the Faith in Action ministry at JICF. He currently leads a community group in Cibubur. Rod was previously a principal of two Christian schools in Australia for 27 years. Rod has walked with the Lord for over 40 years, served as an elder, bible study leader and youth group leader in Baptist churches across Australia. Rod is married to Trish Passmore. They have a home in Albany, Western Australia where their son Stuart lives with his wife Julie, along with their children Eddy and Henry. In his spare time, Rod enjoys outdoor activities, particularly cycling and football.

Teddy Batanghari

Teddy Batanghari has served in multiple roles at the church, including Orphanage, Finance, Administrative, Verity and Community Group Ministries. Teddy Batanghari was trained in Pediatrics and Management in the US before returning to Indonesia 20 years ago.  He is currently the CEO of Healthcare Services at Rajawali Corpora. Teddy and his wife, Janet, have been attending JICF since they moved to Jakarta.  Their two daughters, Lydia and Julia, grew up in the Rock and Verity Youth programs and currently attend college in the US.

Yusup Lifire

Yusup is currently part of JICF’s teaching team. He is also serving as Life Program Director of YICF (Light of Dawn International), ministering to the communities in Bantar Gebang dumpsite. Yusup was born in a Christian family. His late father was a pastor but he really gave his life to Jesus when he was 18 years old and decided to give his life to full time ministry. He has worked as an evangelist and church planter across Indonesia, particularly in South Sulawesi, Lombok and West Kalimantan. Yusup is married to Warni and both have been blessed with four children: Daniel (15), Christi (14), Joshua (12) and Joel (10). They currently live in Cibubur, southeast of Jakarta.

New Elders Installation on Sunday, March 1st, 2020

By God’s grace, we joyfully announce and welcomed the new elders on March 1st, 2020. We prayed that the new elders become a blessing for JICF, as God carries on His work through them.