Indrawaty Tio

Elementary Coordinator Second Service

Meet Indra

I am a sinner who has been saved by grace. Born to non-Christian parents, I put my faith in Christ when I was a teenager during my college years in Melbourne, Australia. I then spent the next decade with one foot in the world and one foot heaven bound, picking and choosing which parts of God’s Word to obey. But God continued to reach out to me, not letting go until I fully surrendered my all to Him. Now my main passion in life is to encourage women to love Him and to love others. I love spending time meeting with women one-on-one or in small groups to share God’s Word and grow together in our faith journey.

I joined JICF back in 2010 with my husband, Denie Winata, and started serving in The Rock as a coordinator. We are blessed with a son who is growing up way too fast. The best part of my day is my morning meeting with God, reading my Bible with a cup of my favorite Earl Grey tea and my journal. I also love cold weather and enjoy winter travels with my family.

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