Bantar Gebang Fire:How You Can Help

JICF has partnered and funded LIFE ministries who focuses on helping children and youth of Bantar Gebang break out of generational cycles of poverty through education while building authentic relationships with the families and communities served. JICF is currently raising funds to help those affected by the fire.

More about Life Ministries

Goods Donations

Urgent need of emergency kitchen, toiletries, clothes, shoes/sandals, towels, underwear, books, pencils and pens for children.

Deliver goods to:

JICF Office: Graha CIMB Niaga 2nd Floor
10:00PM – 3:00PM on Monday – Saturday
Accepting Donations:
March 18 – March 31

Office Contact Persons

Isak at 081280447480 
Jojo at 082210841693 
JICF Office +62212526719.

Money Donations

Please transfer to JICF’s bank account:
Bank Name: BCA
Bank Branch: Bursa Efek Indonesia, Jakarta
Account Name: JICF
IDR Account Number: 458-301171.7
Please put notes: FIA FIRE